Tuesday, April 29, 2008


one of our human friends kyle sent this, its pretty badass.
warning contains high amounts of goat death and eagle victory.

russian humans murder our robot friend john! at the center of the EARTH!


Robie friend of John seeks revenge on human baby!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cali trip

moto jumps on a dh bike ........... Aaron rules

Talent Oregon, Barronbot processing a hip with his computer brain.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ninjas: the real deal

While I appreciate Landon's attempts to highlight Ninja culture on Tonicfab.com, I finally tired of his best attempts at capturing ninjaness (having taken several beginner and intermediate ninja classes in High School). So, to set the record straight, I offer you this brief 3 minute lesson on Ninjas:

This is also funny. Really funny. Like the funniest thing ever:


Warning: will not be able to erase images of douchebags from mind.

Bike related pictures on the way, maybe.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ditches and danger and other littlebike business

billy lewis professional bicycle wizard ........ he's got 99 problems and a ditch ain't one.

photos by tkc
more dialed photos from the guys at liquid dirt http://www.liquid-dirt.com/

my fallguy and The FallGuy (season one)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

things that are better then going to the water varmot

the original TRANSFORMERS cartoon! http://youtube.com/watch?v=wJ16d-qpBEE&feature=related

building your own little slalom track (phils track R.I.P)

not paying 165$ and not driving to california to have fun on your bike .............
and microsoft PAINT

Friday, April 11, 2008

fluidride clips and optimus prime

whats on your handle bar?
i win!

super short clips from the race

the baaronbot

chazzytron stepdown action


eric loooony

Phillipe' Loredo

secret robot message(beep beep boop beep beeeeeeeeeeeep beep beep!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Schralpage/Mustaches

Aaron hanging it out there at the Fluidride slalom. I've never seen an N'Sync t-shirt so pinned. (photo by Brule)

Tonic Fabrication group: brought to you by

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fluidride and Aqua Rodent: more haikus!

Aqua Rodent, damn.
One sixty five to race you?
It's flat, and short. Whaa.

4th, 5th, and yes, 6th.
Sure, we did fine. But robots...

Team robot had a meeting with local human representatives. While these results are unacceptable, we've agreed to withhold from a full protocol post-failure human slaughter. We have agreed to only eat members of the retired class, to minimize the effective death toll and effect.

Here's a picture of the BAaron on his Giant Glory at Fluidride cup #1. Photo by Carl Warren.

Fluidride slalom video on the way. I crashed going fast first round, Aaron won a couple, then narrowly lost to Casey Fucking Northern, Fluidride pinner and slalom course digger, and Patty-no bikey cheered, drank, and filmed poorly.

P.S. it costs $165.00 today to register for slalom and downhill at Sea Otter. And don't forget the $20.00 shuttle charge. Dialed. A good reason to enjoy your local trails with the six days you've requested off anyway.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Haikus/Kill the weak ones

Fontana: blown out
Pedaling a lot: no good
Not pinning it: worse.

Port Angeles race?
Dialed course, dialed riders.
Needless to say, stoked.

Robot in Crush mode.
Prepared to crush the victim,
Kill the weak ones first.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One more thing

7. My driving attire was really very practical. I think others are far too quick to judge.

Charlie's Fonsucksalotana report

1. I suck. Don't ever look at Semi-pro results for this race.

2. California sucks.

3. Pedaling sucks.

4. No, really, North California has 15 different mariachi stations available at any given position on I-5, out of 25 available radio stations. The other ten play country and Blink182.

5. I find my self strangely entranced by country music and Blink182.

6. Kovarik is a freakin animal

FONTOILET (pfunks report)

"California sucks!" was the phrase that we seemed to be repeating the most during our short stay in the golden state.

arguably the best thing about this trip happened while we were in traffic still in Oregon, its hard to see but this guy was in a work van sleeveless and sporting a hairy back and upper lip, basically exactly who you would expect to see in a work van right? pretty much except for the large "LION KING" tattoo on his big fat arm, look closely and you can see either an adult Simba or his dead lion father Mufasa. this guy rules. charlie almost killed us maneuvering the "burb" into photo capturing range. I'm proud to say mission accomplished!
The drive to fontana is brutal just plain brutal I-5 is long and boring and you get to drive past not one but two cattle ranches that infiltrate your vehicle with the smell of sun baked cow shit for no less then thirty minutes, and add into this horrible equation three idiots with a broken CD player and tape deck you end up with a sort of country music game of chicken, who ever changed the station first had to sleep on the floor of the hotel room , it lasted for hours and ended in a truce. pretty weak. but once the station drifted into a christian preacher guy and then almost an hour of static then back to the preacher guy we gave up.

The CHAZZ was sporting a pretty dialed "kit" while driving, it was pretty funny and got lots of strange looks from people, one guy actually got pissed off just looking at him.so other then the obvious mental damaged sustained from listening to one of the 15 mariachi music stations and being subjected to each others flatulence for 15 hours our bikes and bodies took some abuse too. Chazz did this during practice and didn't flat! he also raced on this rim, a bold move indeed.
Phil almost core sampled his thigh with his handle bar, pretty gross.

the side view is way better, you can really see the swelling.
the track was tight and awkward, lots of switchbacks and super loose sandy corners that either preceded or followed a gnarly rocky section.
here is the line of choice for the "up and over rock" you had to drift off the top of this sand covered rock and then monstertruck through some boulders and the biggest braking bumps ever.

you can see Rennie taking this line charlie taking the same line, pinned check out his fork!

more pro pics.

Rennie in the rocks

Cody looked pinned in all his runs but took a costly scary fall off the last rock in the course. bummer.

its only a matter of time before Luke takes over the world.

Riffle was fast as hell all weekend, new tattoos, new hair cut, new bike, and new kit
should be a contender for national champ this year.
Logan is a pinner, and he runs big bars! rad.
THREE seconds faster then Rennie on a 2 minute track, Kovarik is back!
Eric Carter old but still fast
more Rennie

Sam was pinned! part of the all Aussie\ kiwi podium.

Oscar Saiz really really fast, whats the deal with super old guys being super fast.
here is part of Chazz's race run.
and yet another reason California sucks, nocturnal gas station demon cats.