Sunday, September 27, 2009

2010 Intense tires

2010 Intense Tires - More Mountain Bike Videos

Hot off the presses. The 2.5 DH Fro-Lite treated me awesome all year, and is the only tread pattern (except one two-day whistler trip) that I've ridden in the past 2 years. I approve.

For 2010 the DH becomes the way more awesome/badass sounding "Invader!" (Exclamation point mine). At $39.00 bucks and with a newer, grippier, lighter rubber compound to boot, they're pretty tough to beat.


P.S. It was a rough weekend up on Mt. Hood for all the members of Team Robot. I don't really want to talk about it right now. 0100101001010101110100101010

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sam Hill takes it

Brendan Fairclough rides like a madman. Check out the video at about 5:12. REtarded.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The best trails I've never seen

These blew my mind. So many good lines. The riding is good, then better, then unreal. Bar spin to manual out on trails? What?

Luciano Fucking Worl

My hero. Great things to come from this kid:

And seriously, how sweet is this picture? Stars and Stripes forever, man. A great photo from the land down under.

This photo is three hundred and sixty kinds of awesome.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Patrick the fucking champ

Last Sunday, Patrick got the first win for Team Robot in 2009. Booyah.

His podium attire and candor were both dialed. Clearly, Pat has things figured out.

Landon came in second. noth of those guys are really talented bike riders. Especially on a pumptrack. I would say Patrick won that race doing what he does best, but we'd all know I was referring not so much to his pumptrack skills, but his being drunk skills.

making up for missing metal monday.

sorry, i suck at computers.
but this post doesnt suck enjoy.

best music video ever

I rule

Speaking of me, I was awesome when I was 12. Check out how awesome I was:

I just found that on my computer. Stoked.

A 3 minute lesson for girls everywhere

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Safety Dance

Sweet movie from what appears to be the most continually technical track on the whole circuit. At Bromont, it looks like no feature or section ever last more than 10 or 15 seconds. Pretty tough for a track that short. Minnaar with the win, and Mitch Ropelato with the award for best whip at 1:35.

Frightening trivia and compelling facts about the Safety Dance:

* This dance has caused the deaths of at least 98 Iraqis since the 2003 invasion, although on the upside it has the ability to disarm IED's.
* 5,325 people have been injured while perpenisforming the Safety Dance since 1898 (mainly due to the high class synth riffs).
* Of the 774 deaths known to be caused by the Safety Dance in civilized Western Europe, 81 were due to reprisals by horrified Nazi's in the Treblinka Death Camp. The rest were the result of poor training in the use of maypoles.
* The Safety Dance was performed for the first time in 1492 at the request of Queen Isabella of Castile. On this day a new order was proclaimed: The Order of "Los Hombres Sin Cabezas", or in Real American, 'Men Without Hats.' They would be the keepers of the International Safety Dance for years to come, although for centuries only Charter Members of The Trilateral Commission who had passed both the intense scrutiny of 'double secret probation' and the 'Camel Walk' test would be allowed to know all the secret moves it involved.
* If you play the song backwards, you will awaken the spirit of the Bee Gees.
* If you play the song forwards at 4X speed, you will awaken the spirit of Lance Armstrong's amputated testicle.
* The real irony of The Safety Dance is that safety is, of course, never guaranteed and thus it is required by US Federal Law to carry a bright orance OSHA warning sticker.
* It is the only dance that requires the performer to register their hands as lethal weapons in Flekkefjord, Norway and Gun Barrel City, Texas (hence the importance of looking at them at critical moments during the dance itself).


You don't ned to read all of this. but you should:

Also courtesy of Craigslist:

PLEASE NOTE: This probably doesn’t apply to you. But some sellers need to have a good long look at this.

Everyone has the right to sell their bikes for whatever they want, but those who do not know what they are talking about need a sanity check. Granted, I know the economy is bad and you might have found a “jewel” in the rough - but for crying out loud, do some research beforehand.

The following is an elementary guide for those of you who are absolutely clueless about your garage sale or thrift store finds:

1) Just because your bike was made in Europe doesn’t mean you’ve got a winner. They made a lot of junk, too.

2) A low end bike that was $97.00 in 1976 is not, magically, worth $400.00 now.

3) Adult bikes do not have goosenecks.

4) If the chain is conspicuously rusty and kinked in the picture, nobody is going to fall for your claims of “mint condition.”

5) If you get asked how many speeds it has and do not know nor care, pull your ad. Immediately.

6) Telling us that you found it in a barn is not a rationale for overpricing it.

7) Take OFF the $10 price tag from Goodwill before you take your Craigslist picture and ask $250 for it.

8 ) “Light and FAST!” . . . Ok, if you say so.

9) Not everything with those kooky, curvy handlebars is a race bike.

10) Neither is a race bike “improved” by flipping those curvy handlebars upside down.

11) Don’t be offended if someone offers you an insulting amount that is far less than you want for your bike - they’re just smarter than you.

12) Don’t get ticked off if someone low-balls you when you state “make offer” in your ad. You asked for it.

13) Tires are tires and wheels are wheels. These terms are not interchangeable.

14) Breaks should be referred to as “brakes”, petles or petals as “pedals”.

15) Your bike was not made by Shimano, Suntour, or Campagnolo. I know you saw that name somewhere on it, but just trust me on this one.

16) Vintage implies it was worth something when it was new, otherwise it’s just OLD.

17) High tensile steel - yeah, they put a sticker on the bike that says it but I wouldn’t be bragging about it.

18) Go ahead and repost that 10 speed Huffy every week - no one will tire of its charm. If you’re willing to endure the humiliation, we’ll be there for you until you reach your target market.


20) Pictures of the LEFT side of the bike aren’t worth much of anything, nobody can see the drivetrain. All things considered, perhaps you’d rather want to hide it anyway.

21) Blurry pictures add a negative symbol to your price tag.

22) If you steal someone else’s photos (not the manufacturer’s) from the web and use them to represent your own bike, you are absolute scum.

23) “Suitable for fixie conversion” doesn’t make a POS frame any more valuable. For that matter…WHAT makes it suitable?

24) If you think your bicycle is worth a four figure sum ($x,xxx), the LEAST you could do is to spell the brand and component names correctly (eg. Trek, not treck; Schwinn, not shwin; Campagnolo, not Campagnola; and Shimano - not shmano, shimono, or shamano)

25) Include the size of the bicycle! No, it’s not the tire size. It’s measured from the center of the cranks (the big sprocket) to the top of the seat tube (before the silver or black post that holds the seat [saddle].) It needs to be in either inches or centimeters. Both if you are nice.

26) NEXT, Magna, Huffy, Roadmaster, and Murray are NOT highly-respected brands. Get over it.

27) Taking a nice multispeed road bike that was posted here two days ago for a reasonable price raping it of all good derailleur parts, making it a single speed with a $22 Chinese bmx cog from does not double or triple its value or make it a “race bike” or “fixie”.

28) There is no such thing as a road mountain bike.

29) Just because you are selling it for a friend doesn’t make you an expert if you are not

30) If you don’t list the brand and it is unreadable in the photos, we will assume it is a POS

31) Research the going price of your bike before posting

32) Just because it cost a lot 10 years ago when it was brand new and you have barely rode it, doesn’t mean it is worth 50% + of new price (see #31)

33) Just because you bought it within the past year doesn’t mean someone is going to pay close to what you paid, especially if the new model years are coming out and yours is now discounted

34) Don’t use terms you do not understand - if it does not have rear suspension, it is not full suspension

35) Proofread - I have never seen a bike measured in feet but I’ve seen a lot of 26′ bikes posted

36) If it is a *mart bike and you just paid to have it “tuned up”, you probably just wasted your money as the tune up was probably more than the bike is worth

37) We don’t want to call for basic information you should have posted or to have you send us pictures

38) Don’t sell a used helmet unless you really did just buy it, otherwise it may have been crashed and is a safety hazard

I hope this has cleared up some things for the cycling-challenged sellers .

Courtesy of Craigslist

I'm No Hipster- Fixie for Sale

I tried to be a part time hipster, but it hasn't worked out. I so wanted to cruise through Hillsboro Village palping a wool cap and a Che Guevara Tshirt. I've tried to come slay the last few Critical Mass rides, but my kids always have soccer or want to go see Transformers or something. Skinny leg jeans don't fit me right. I'm too old. I'm can't learn how to do a tail whip or a hockey stop because I'm afraid I'll get hurt and ruin my triathlon season. I like Band of Horses, but it seems that it's just not enough. So, reality has overshadowed irony and nostalgia, and I have decided with a heavy heart to sell my fixie.

It's an awesome bike. The frame is a 1984 Schwinn World Sport, a collabo between US frame designers and Taiwanese frame builders, that is dressed in a gray metal flake colourway with oh so retro pink-and-white lettering. The paint is in surprisingly good condition, considering it's older than the target market for this listing. The bike sits on a new set of Sun Ringle deep-v rims in black with black spokes and hubs. The hubs roll like butter down a hot corn cob and the rear is a flip flop with a 17t fixed gear and an 18t freewhell already installed. The freewheel has never been used. I may not be hipster, but nobody's calling me a poseur. The rubber on this bike is from Soma and has plenty of wear left, with absolutely no flat spots from skid stopping. You'll be turning a 46t Sugino Messenger crank onthis baby, so bring your A game if you planning on crossing the bridge and rolling through the East Nashville hills. There's a new tektro brake installed on the front wheel with a crosstop BMX lever on the bullhorns, but don't worry, it's easily removable. There's also a set of drop bars and a new adjustable stem included in the sale for those who prefer a more tracky look. I've also go a new seatpost and a Ritchey pro headset pressed in. The saddle is a classic Schwinn stinger in candy apple red. I realize that pink and red is generally considered to be a faux pas, but I'm counting on potential buyers for the bike sharing my contempt for the Tsars of fashion.

The color scheme on this ride is guaranteed to instantly boost your street cred. I picked up on the pink in the bikes' native lettering, and as such, the bike has been finished with pink bar tape, pink toe cages, a pink chain and a pink bottle cage. The bottle cage is capable of holding both tallboys and 40s of malt liquor, or standard water bottles in case you prefer to rub the V and T on your Saturday cruise.

Because the bike is sized for riders 5'3" to 5'9" and pink, it's totally chick friendly. It will be a perfect pussy magnet for any hipster dude, at once displaying your sensitivity and your security in heterosexuality. For girls....hey, it's pink. I'm sure you have a pair of light green Rocket Dogs laying around. Perfect! This bike will make a perfect gift for your GF or hipster fiancee. Plus, at my price you'll have plenty of extra cash to have tribal bands tattooed on your wedding fingers. That, or you can cruise down to Planned Parenthood and split the bill for the abortion. Whatever, I'm not judging anyone, just trying to sell a bike.

Listen guys, if you're long on green and low on hipster rep, come buy this bike. Hurry up before I change my mind and quit shaving.
Location: Nashville

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Metal Tuesday

Judas Priest=amazing. Prepare to have your face shredded off at about 2:30.

Monday, September 14, 2009

FBM Brawlin at the Belmar

Lots of pedaling+one enormous jump+really good riders+some not really good riders=best contest ever.

Belmar 09... the final round! from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

The dudes over at FBM have a pretty good grasp on what fun is.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is crazy wack.

Almost no tricks in this first one, but the most hangtime I've seen on any jumps anywhere in a long time.

Opens with the biggest 3 ever. Ever.

Mike Aitkens always been hella wack

Friday, September 11, 2009

Paul Basagotia: Dialed

I wish I had 30 acres of flat, dusty, rural farmland.

Paul Bassagoitia's compound from Jorge Alvarez on Vimeo.

If you can watch that whole video, than you, like me, have become a friend of suffering and acquainted with sorrow. That may have been the longest five minutes of my life.

I found Mr. Basagotia's slow, strained, and nearly unintelligible interview skills eerily similar to Nigel from Spinal Tap. See what you think:

By the way, Spinal Tap is amazing:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Manitou Dorado! What we've all been waiting for:

Finally, after years of having to settle for normal looking, expensive, high performing 26" downhill forks, Manitou has come along and answered every mountain bikers prayers.

Now instead of having to choose between running one of the boring expensive, high performing 26" downhill forks, now you can run an ugly, even more expensive, poorly designed, underporforming 29 inch downhill fork.

2005 stickers

2010 stickers

That's right, Manitou didn't just rethink performance when they restickered their 6 year old platform, they also made it available for 29" forks! What more could you ask for. 29" wheels represent the obvious next dirction for downhillers, and Manitou and riding the crest of that wave of innovation:

Bummer, and here I am stuck running a Fox fork.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leisure time with Mr. Rollins

Original artwork courtesy of my new favorite non-TEAM ROBOT site,

My new, official top favorite list looks like this:


Monday, September 7, 2009

Steve Peat: World Champion

If you didn't watch this live, you're officially out of the scene. Literally a nail biter for me. As Steve pedaled up the last hill, my connection died. And my connection also died when Gee was last man on track coming into the finish. Tense moments.

But Peaty prevailed. All hail the king.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stickers are really actually for sale

We just sold stickers. Somebody from Idaho, who also has a retarded blog, reads our retarded blog. Our Google Anyalytics say that 300 people visit our site. Other than the members of TEAMROBOT, I can now only name maybe 4.

People read this?

This has nothing to do with stickers, but it is a bummer. yes, it's a 29 inch downhill bike.

Now onto the goods...

$1.50 Small (7 1/2" x 1") TEAM RO8OT

$1.50 Small (7" x 1") D35TROYOU

Not pictured:

$2.50 Medium (4" x 8")

$ 4.00 Big (13" x4") TEAM ROBOT

All the stickers come in three badass colors:

Barney Purple
Hunter Orange

All three colors are bright and irritating, the way stickers should be. They're not quite day-glow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Advice for Pro riders everywhere

stinkykid100 on pinkbike said that "it looked like hill and faircough were running a boxxer wich is 200mm fork i think that the syndicate team instead of running v10 should tone it down a liittle and go 4 the driver8 or the bullit and run boxxers on the driver 8s and totems on the bullits just what id do"

And here's the link: (link)

That's right Greg, better listen up. Maybe the bullit...