Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stickers are really actually for sale

We just sold stickers. Somebody from Idaho, who also has a retarded blog, reads our retarded blog. Our Google Anyalytics say that 300 people visit our site. Other than the members of TEAMROBOT, I can now only name maybe 4.

People read this?

This has nothing to do with stickers, but it is a bummer. yes, it's a 29 inch downhill bike.

Now onto the goods...

$1.50 Small (7 1/2" x 1") TEAM RO8OT

$1.50 Small (7" x 1") D35TROYOU

Not pictured:

$2.50 Medium (4" x 8")

$ 4.00 Big (13" x4") TEAM ROBOT

All the stickers come in three badass colors:

Barney Purple
Hunter Orange

All three colors are bright and irritating, the way stickers should be. They're not quite day-glow.

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