Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lots of digging/lots of balls

Absolutely the largest jumps I've ever seen in a set of real trails (not at a contest).

At 1:27 it gets silly. They actually come around the berm at, like, 50 miles per hour. They are going freeway speeds at a freeway width gap. Nuts.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

robot deathlist

go ahead take a closer look at this chief, this guys stupid fucking pants actually brought me to a rage the second i saw them, but you really needed to see his smug stupid face and long overconfident stride to truly understand my hate. he looks like raver bondage Gumby from the waist down, and he had one of those shitty leather jackets that is patched together and all stitched up. then to top it all off, a full head of stinky diseased hippy pubes for hair. he is now at the top of the list for robot induced termination!


Monday, July 21, 2008

downhill details

so i made some last minute changes before the race on the 13th, normally i hate changing something right before a race but it had to be down.

a few months ago i put a gnarly scratch in my spring side stanchion, out at kline butte in Bend.

while searching for a replacement stanchion for my 2006 Rockshox Boxxer Team i noticed that you could purchase the exact replacement or you could also get the "world cup" stanchion.

the world cup stanchion is honed smoother on the inside to allow for a tight fit with the air seals.

there was only about a 15 dollar difference between the two, so i decided to look into the rest of the pieces need to fully convert my second hand fork into a worldcup.

i looked up and found what i thought i would need to finish the job my total plus shipping came to about 150$ wholesale (only animals pay retail).

but im poor so i decided to call up Sram and double check, the last thing i wanted to do was drop that much money only to hit a dead end.

but after a brief conversation with one of the tech guys at Sram and he informed me that i only needed three parts to change my fork over.

  • one "world cup" honed stanchion

  • one air top cap

  • one air piston assembly

all three of these item are intermittently available from the BTI catalog.

so i placed my order drank some beer and riped my fork apart the night before the race, dialed

my new old pedals courtesy of Victor Sandrin (victory racing blog).

vic is a veteran racer and super bike nerd, he also made these kickass DH pedals a few years ago.

he took pity on me and my three year old calfskin death inducing welgo mg1 pedals that were missing over half the pins and had been polished to a high gloss from use.
i should change the name on my pedals to mid-pack racing instead of victory.

pretty dialled


Saturday, July 19, 2008

I just rode my bike!! I just rode my trails!!

Being healed is rad. I know you probably ride whenever you want to, but I've spent the last 6 months looking at what we've built, and the last 5 weeks watching other people ride it. To finally ride what took months to build was ***THE BEST THING EVER***

Super fun.

So rad. So satisfying. But wait, what's that pattern on that far away, difficult to read shirt he's wearing?

No big deal, just your standard pink-backlit Orca whale shirt with sparkles.

Riding trails. Booyah.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is funny

A good way to spend a day: Sending it on shoddy jumps. You owe it to yourself to watch until at least the barrel roll. And turn the volume up.

I've got nothing better to say. I think I'm going to trying riding today, maybe trails- The Chaz

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

whippin slayer bmxican't robot threat

some interesting things in bmx human news today.

first up eddy has some answers on defgrip.

Colt Fake, one of the most entertaining riders period just joined the Metal team, should be a good fit.

Threat! we are posting DH race bike checks soon, (for real this time) so look out for that.

Bosstron4000, executing the whip program. beep beep beep booooop.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great Robots in History- Episode 2

First off, we're talking real Transformers, here. Please ignore the recent Shia LeBouf film of the same name.

Optimus Prime could kick ass, on our planet, his, friggin outer space, he's basically a badass, laser-toting Shaft from space. And he transformed into a semi-truck, cause he's so sweet it doesn't even matter.

Semi's are scary anyway.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


the trail jam was sweet i don't know how to ride bikes so i didn't get to play.
but i did take pictures.

the moss

the boss

Ryan high in the air

ryan high on the ground note the Tonic made frame and belt buckle

phil tailwhip

phil tucked

the peanut gallery

Bosstron, Aaron was king of the day, transfer line that nobody else even tried.

phil riding under a north american hamburger eating tree sloth.

landon tucked fuck at 900 miles an hour, holy shit.

J Inman a god among men and robots



cory tepper can take a piss and shoot photos at the same time
other photographers beware.

Aaron was the only one sending and i do mean sending it over the "big hip" dear god!



The Baaron hitting the Hulk at our trails. These got sessioned at our first ever jam, and it was awesome. About 40 people showed up, and maybe 20 riders. Good-er photos on the way.

It's big, angry and green. I think it's pretty incredible, anyways.

Paddy Canuck's 4th of July pumptrack mania was sweet. And Loud. Paul-gina here said he was going to take it easy on the pumptrack, reminding me that he "recently ruptured his spleen." Paul's full of lame excuses.


drunken dirt circles and fire

Paddy and Lidia had a little party on the fourth.

"The Darryl Strawberry's" rocked our faces off, and rocked Dave's shirt off.

Kyle in rockstar mode

Landon wins at pumptracking.
so shoulder buzzers are cool and all, but almost hitting three people in the face because you can motowhip like a motherfucker is way cooler.

Rocker Dave my unofficial life coach demonstrates how to have a good time.

Here i am, drunk and going in circles, just like every other day.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


more german radness via BMW 2002 road rally

and a little music from The Germs

and finally some British narrated "forceful driving" from a BMW E30, pinned?....... yup.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hips should be square

Being injured, and having dry, concrete dirt that I can't dig, my new idea of hanging out is sitting around watching th BAaron ride. Here's Aaron hitting all the newly built radness at our trails.

It's a serious relief, after building really big jumps all winter, to see them work. And work they do...

We have a monster at our trails. He's 28 feet long, and really scary.

We recently built up the landing on our monster death hip, so it's fully six feet tall and properly square, and it really does look like death.

No, I'm serious, look at this crap, it's friggin scary.

By the way, BMW 2002's are sweet: