Sunday, January 31, 2010

Michael Bay

I just watched Transformers: The Movie again this weekend. We played a fun game called "Spot the Product Placement."

I bring you now, in chronological order, the products and brands featured in Transformers:

Camel Cigarettes
USAF (US Air Force)
USA Today
Ding Dongs
Burger King
The Strokes (the band)
Dewalt Tools
G-Star Clothing
Blackberry Phones
Key Lime Phones
The Misfits
Ho Hos
Radio Shack
Wells Fargo
Mountain Dew
Oakwest Footwear
Bank of America

I hate Michael Bay.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flying with bikes

I've been trying to figure out how to fly with my bike. Shipping bikes is retarded expensive when you use a bike box. Mine is 26 pounds empty, so you're looking at around an 80 pound bike. That also nixes airlines, too, as it's overweight and oversize.

So with a bike box, you're looking at about 175 to about 300 bucks in fees each way. bummer.

SO, I can cram every single part of a bike into a normal piece of luggage, except for one thing: the wheels. Bummer. Even with tires off, an MTB rim is about 24". And even thought there's plenty of luggage that's 24" or more tall, no one on the face of the planet makes luggage that is 24" by 24". Bummer.

And then it hit me:

Drum bags.

So I watched this whole video:

If you watched that whole video, your life also sucks. On the bright side, though, you're that much closer to flying with a bike.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Killing myself

This is pretty much what my life looks like when I'm thinking about killing myself.

New helmet=Awesome

I don't know how it survived as long as it did, but I've run the same helmet for three years. My trusty old Troy Lee D2 ran strong, and I ran the original visor, with no cracks, the whole time. That's three full three seasons of racing, with god knows how many ragdolls and tree hits. I loved that helmet. It was gold:

So, I bear hugged a tree a couple weeks ago, and finally broke my helmet. Amazingly, the visor is STILL running strong, but the helmet is a goner. Even though I hit theentire helmet into a big, round tree, the only damage is a one inch hole straight throug hall the foam, like some one annihilated it with a hammer.

So I got a new helmet, and it looked like this:

Obviously that paint job sucked. A lot. Seriously, the ugliest helmet ever.

Basically anyone who would run this helmet with it's original paint job is a huge Q-U-E-E-R. See picture below for example:

So obviously I painted it. I did a really crappy job, but it still looked way sweeter:

Well, after I painted it, Danny Swan of Splat Designs got in touch with me, and we talked over some Team Robot Helmet ideas:

I love Team Robot, but this is my helmet, people. This is important stuff. And as much as I love destroying humans and laying waste to peoples and civilizations everywhere, there's still one thing I love more:

All we did change some colors, and voila, the best helmet you've ever seen. It should be ready by next weekend. If you're looking for a custom helmet, definitely check out Splat Designs. I literally could not be more pumped:

Good Speaking skills

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

PSA: road crossings

If you loved the cycling posture video, you'll love this next movie too:

Yeah, it's by the same people.

More good stuff is coming down the pipeline...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the Bronx?

same band for real.
example one

example two

still not dead

so i haven't made a post in a long time but unfortunately i am in fact still alive bummer for you and your free time. enjoy.
bmx stuff is sweet trails are sweeter.

talking lizard" drinking out of cups bein a bitch" this is what TEAM-ROBOT is basing its new religion (suicide cult) on we are now accepting applications.

i got a new bike for christmas from my girlfriend .... i win

oh yeah in case you forgot this is still our game plan for 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Enjoy 2010 while you can...

Robots everywhere are predicting that this year is definitely going to suck for your team.