Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New helmet=Awesome

I don't know how it survived as long as it did, but I've run the same helmet for three years. My trusty old Troy Lee D2 ran strong, and I ran the original visor, with no cracks, the whole time. That's three full three seasons of racing, with god knows how many ragdolls and tree hits. I loved that helmet. It was gold:

So, I bear hugged a tree a couple weeks ago, and finally broke my helmet. Amazingly, the visor is STILL running strong, but the helmet is a goner. Even though I hit theentire helmet into a big, round tree, the only damage is a one inch hole straight throug hall the foam, like some one annihilated it with a hammer.

So I got a new helmet, and it looked like this:

Obviously that paint job sucked. A lot. Seriously, the ugliest helmet ever.

Basically anyone who would run this helmet with it's original paint job is a huge Q-U-E-E-R. See picture below for example:

So obviously I painted it. I did a really crappy job, but it still looked way sweeter:

Well, after I painted it, Danny Swan of Splat Designs got in touch with me, and we talked over some Team Robot Helmet ideas:

I love Team Robot, but this is my helmet, people. This is important stuff. And as much as I love destroying humans and laying waste to peoples and civilizations everywhere, there's still one thing I love more:

All we did change some colors, and voila, the best helmet you've ever seen. It should be ready by next weekend. If you're looking for a custom helmet, definitely check out Splat Designs. I literally could not be more pumped:

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