Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flying with bikes

I've been trying to figure out how to fly with my bike. Shipping bikes is retarded expensive when you use a bike box. Mine is 26 pounds empty, so you're looking at around an 80 pound bike. That also nixes airlines, too, as it's overweight and oversize.

So with a bike box, you're looking at about 175 to about 300 bucks in fees each way. bummer.

SO, I can cram every single part of a bike into a normal piece of luggage, except for one thing: the wheels. Bummer. Even with tires off, an MTB rim is about 24". And even thought there's plenty of luggage that's 24" or more tall, no one on the face of the planet makes luggage that is 24" by 24". Bummer.

And then it hit me:

Drum bags.

So I watched this whole video:

If you watched that whole video, your life also sucks. On the bright side, though, you're that much closer to flying with a bike.

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