Friday, October 31, 2008

Helmet ideas

Everyone wants a custom painted helmet. But what theme do you go with?

For some ideas, I recommend: (you'll thank me)

Obvious choice:

Maxxis tires

Every racer in the UCI top ten rides Maxxis tires. Food for thought.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trail Jam- talk is cheap

Everyone who was there had a blast. It was a good day. Photo credit goes to Tom Lyons. Thanks for coming out, everyone. It was rad. So rad.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TEAM_ROBOT salutes:

Friend of Tonicfab Cory Musbrucker brings you some quality entertainment. Cory is the owner of this dialed Mercury Bobcat, and destroys himself and other things in the name of bike riding. Enjoy:

Another friend of TEAM_ROBOT, Guy Marsh and Cory both supply us with some terrific insight:

Cory: "Oh shit, I'm so glad I filmed that."
Guy: "Oh fuck, this cement does not feel good to fall on."

Cory Mosbrucker: Living the dream

"beer in the shower but cocktails in the bath".

the guys at HERE FOR THE KICKS had this video up on there blog

Rickey & Johnny edit pt. 2 from Sputnic BMX on Vimeo.

Kyle master of all things rad.
he has provided team robot with some true gems and todays email was no different
an amazing music video.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best session ever/Bender lovechild/Racing bikes

Best session ever out at the trails. Fall is trail time. Thanks to everyone who came, and Cory and Andrew for shooting crazy moving pictures. We hit every line a bunch, and trained everyone through every line at once. It was nuts. The timing was frightening, and there were definitely some close calls. You missed out if you weren't there, and you probably don't have any friends.

Also, I give you Bender's lovechild, who is riding Bender's old Karpiel in this totally dialed movie. I'd like to see you do that buddy.

"I put in like 3 crashes, cause I push the limits. I purposely included the crashes. If your not crashing, your not riding hard enough. And I have alot of sponsors. And i'd like t see you do that stuff buddy."

Willamette Pass, 2008. First appearance of the coolest skinsuit you've ever seen. Asshole in American flag skinsuit, reporting for duty.

Slalom at Port Angeles up top, slalom at Mt. Hood below. Two really fun, really different tracks. Schralpage to spare.

At Fluidride #6, I was on form, and feeling fast. I pinned it pretty hard, and came down the hill 5th fastest, and 2nd in Semipro behind really fast, really, really old guy Eric Loney. Eric had a killer run, at 2:23, which was 1.5 faster than mine. I didn't have a whole lot more to give, and I didn't know where to get more speed on course. So, I did what any reasonable racer would do:

It was the last race of the season, and I wasn't messing around. At Fluidride Cup #6 on Mt. Hood, I stepped up my game, and dropped my wind resistance. Let's face it: skinsuits are funny, they look sweet, and they're fast. I pinned it and had my best race run ever, pedaled my balls off the whole way down, and really rode good while going fast. When I looked up at the board and saw 2:22, it was amazing. That's what racing's all about.

And 2:22 was good enough for 1st in Semipro, 4th overall that day, which is rad. The short list of people who beat me?

3. Luke Strobel 2:19
2. Lars Sternberg 2:18
1. Bart Mcdaniel 2:17

Needless to say, stoked as hell. Getting a $125.00 check for riding my bike was pretty cool as well.

Eric managed to edge me out in the series. Series final points were close, with Eric nudging me out at 94 to my 93. Although I would have enjoyed the top box, there is no one I would rather have lost to. Eric destroyed, and it's just a bummer he didn't get a single race win in all season. Keith Thompson decide to stop wrastlin bears and building log cabins long enough to get 3rd overall. Where did that guy even come from? He's so freaking fast.

Also, next season Fluidride is making some improvements. We can all look forward to points awarded for qualifying. 5 points for first, and on down to fifth place. It's not much, but sometimes, one point is all it takes.

2008. An awesome race season. Booyah and hats off to everyone that made it happen.
-The Chazz

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Be at the trails at noon tomorrow. Bring food, and anything else fun.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Laziness this is not

I know we here at team robot have a pretty lazy/lame/overtly homosexual blog, but this post is not lazy; this is a video the world must see. If you are a healthy person of sound mind and soul, this video should frighten you. Those with preexisting heart conditions, critical diseases, and those who are pregnant or nursing should refrain from viewing the concrete, vertical, and no compromise nature of these trails. Out of control boosts, begin:

untitled from on Vimeo.

If you case, you die.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



cory tepper (pictured here)
is not only a very talented photographer he also has trouble keeping his pants on.
oh and he can take moving pictures now, no shit.


Josh Stricker rules.
this is so much better then watching some kid do an ugly foot jam at one mile per hour.
go fast.