Thursday, June 26, 2008

More PA trails

More trails from PA, thanks to Credence Bikes, out of Kickasssville, USA from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

Yeah Skynyrd kicks ass.

Yes, crazy colt is the best two minutes and 49 seconds in BMX period. That's what it's all about, tearin shit up and getting it.
Thank you Patrick, but Skynyrd still rules.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PA is off the hook

PA soil from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

Look at those trails!!! Do they ever stop digging!?


Lakeview, Oregon: BFE
What do you do 400 miles away from anything worth seeing? Why do you go there? 2 words answer those questions, and were the motto for the trip:

Fuck it.

Really, though, there's plenty of good stuff to do in, at 5300 feet, the tallest town in Oregon.

For instance, you can:

Get your car sideways

Get your ATV sideways

Couples shooting

Make a fire

Make a bigger fire

ATV cattle herding

More shooting

Irrigation ditch swimmin

On a serious note, I love cheeseburgers. But without cows, neither the cheese, nor the burger could be. In Lakeview, ground squirrels dig holes that cows fall into, and break their legs.

With their legs broken, typically these cows die horrible deaths, far away from the mechanized and delicious slaughterhouses they were meant to die in. So, to save these cows from an all too early and non-edible death, we went on a hunting crusade to save the cows.

The truck was our death machine

Note the bullets hitting the dust in front of AND behind the ground squirrel. Typically, you had 5 to 10 shots before the little guy ran away. Ground squirrels are dumb.

Seriously, we shot at ground squirrels all freaking day.
Kill total: 10 by gunfire, 1 by suburban.

Goose Lake, pictured above, is half in Oregon, half in California, 10 miles across, 20 miles long, and 3 feet deep. And has 1 foot of mud at the bottom. And the mud smells like pure sulfur. And it's acidic.

It took us 45 minutes to walk less than a thousand feet to an island out in the lake. When we got there, the island turned out to be grass that grew out from the bottom. So we walked 45 minutes back.

The water is nice and warm though.

Booyah. Sending it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

busted bummer time

so it turns out that charlies hurty paw is bad enough that we have bagged the Utah trip.........bummer.

so in responce to the bad news i give you this, enjoy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Health Report, mousy death

  • Chazz has hurty paw, again

  • my knee is all better after hitting a tree in Angel Fire

  • Baaron continues to enjoy eating cereal

we are training a Mousy Death army .......... look out they are small and deadly.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pump Trackula

Friday fun, riding paddy's pump track, drinking tallboys and eating burritos
it doesn't get much better then that.
Rocker Dave, with his man beard.
the master: Paddy pinning it around one of the big berms
these two have been building and refining this amazing track from the get go.
it has countless line options a few jumps and is definitely the best landscaping choice paddy made for his backyard
me leaning into one of the best berms ever.
paddy same berm as above but opposite direction.
Rocker on the infamous chicane section, back to back deathberms!
at one point Rocker was leaving rubber on the hardpacked dirt!
but no one was as fast as Paddy he would snap in and out of that section so fast he was throwing up a roost of dust every time.
me with a little front tire roost on the back berm

the record is six people , but that gets a little messy Rocker and Paddy show me how it's done.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

artbot and faceplant

Eric Johnson just sent this over, so sweet.

check out what he is been up to

in other EJ news, his TonicFab FallGuy was stolen!

if anyone sees this bike not under this guy grab him!
now fally downy time.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lesson #1:
Street riding isn't all tailwhips and barspins

Lesson provided by Steven Hamilton

Lesson #2:
Pedaling is always cool. Brakes are not bad

Lesson provided by Josh Stricker

Rain sucks.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Monday nonsense.
movies, music and words

Action time! do you have a deathwish?

a quick vocab lesson from Team-Robot, learn how to talk like a human.


okay not a lot going on.
go to to see some good pictures of the Angelfire race, and other cool shit, they have a "side by side" of Gee and Sam's runs from the Andorra worldcup.
Here are a couple i found of us.
Chazz first mtx race ever!
Wilson pummel was funny how everyone complained about this shitty creek crossing but only three guys did anything about it. The Baaron, Chazz and Casy putting it all together.p.s. i just complained

a lot of tonics in one place.
Billy's grey Howie up top, the Baarons seafoam Howie then my plated Fallguy, Looch's "dukes of chazard" Orange Howie and Nathan's Seafoam Fallguy. our Giant Glory bikes are amazing. we will do full bike checks soon.epic battle !

kids are smart.

Monday, June 2, 2008


So the JAM got rained out, personally i think we could have found a way to make the mud entertaining but that's just me.everyone in town and no trails is a super shitty deal, but the night before the rain came we had a little street ride with the Seattle crew. sweet deal.
Billy Bob Lewis is a wizard, he hit this rail hop first try and only three minutes after unloading his bike and putting the front wheel on. retarded.
Nathan's first street ride in Portland and he snapped out this sick pocket wall ride like he had ridden the spot for years.
BRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP street moto whip! nathan got so crossed up over this little hip. badass
billy on the same hip
looch was killing it all night. little wallriderubber side down? not looch.
billy and looch sporting "shredbands" not to be confused with headbands.billy and looch training the Arvey wallride: note the shredbands.

the NightBird with his glow in the dark eyes.nathan on the little wall.
Some nighttime videos from the ride, sorry they are pretty dark and hard to see.

billy did this ridiculous move over the little hip.

billy arvey wall table

billy: fakie wallride

due to a lack of food and riding for hours things got a little strange towards the end of the ride.