Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Manitou Dorado! What we've all been waiting for:

Finally, after years of having to settle for normal looking, expensive, high performing 26" downhill forks, Manitou has come along and answered every mountain bikers prayers.

Now instead of having to choose between running one of the boring expensive, high performing 26" downhill forks, now you can run an ugly, even more expensive, poorly designed, underporforming 29 inch downhill fork.

2005 stickers

2010 stickers

That's right, Manitou didn't just rethink performance when they restickered their 6 year old platform, they also made it available for 29" forks! What more could you ask for. 29" wheels represent the obvious next dirction for downhillers, and Manitou and riding the crest of that wave of innovation:

Bummer, and here I am stuck running a Fox fork.


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