Sunday, April 12, 2009

A long, long time ago...

So, I finally got my video camera back from the police. Funny story. I filmed the first trail jam we had, and then left the camera at an unfortunate location...

Apparently the Lake Oswego Police Department thought I was involved in a large explosion sometime around the 4th of July. I accidently left a bag with the camera and some other stuff at the site of our old trails (and coincidentally ALSO the site where the alleged explosion went off), and they held my very sensitive shit as evidence for 9 months. There was an hour of bike riding and nothing else on the tape, but that didn't stop the police from threatening me and my parents with "Damning video evidence of the explosion, and Charlie preparing and lighting it." So the day I filmed our trail jam I lost the camera for 9 months, and was almost charged with a felony. Which also meant that I had to buy a new camera for the people I borrowed it from. Sweet.

Well, anyway, $1000 in legal fees later, I got the camera back. And since I bought my friend a new camera, $225.00 later, I now own a used camera for the price of a new one.

Brought to you by the LOPD:


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