Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greg Herbold cut the course in 1990=best site ever

This site's amazing:

Favorite excerpts:

"OK, so the other day a fellow tried to make the case that HB did not, indeed, cut the course. After careful consideration I have blown three holes in his argument:

This person is foreign

This person was not from America, and

These colors don’t run

This site does not promote prejudice in any way and embraces all, but since none of his points seem to hold water, we do not see a compelling reason to change our entire premise."

On Duncan Riffle: "Nice lightning bolt tattoos on the back of your legs. Those would be obnoxious on Peaty or Minnaar or Hill. You know, the fast guys. Granted, you’ve gotten faster lately…but not lightning-bolts-on-the-back-of-legs fast. And definitely not condom-company-as-a-sponsor fast."

On Brian Lopes: "Never has one so talented done so little for the sport of mountain biking.

PS. Put a fucking shirt on. You ever see any other, repeat: any other professional mountain bikers sitting around with their shirt off? You could wear an Ibis or Kenda T-shirt and rep your sponsors...or maybe you're content with having your name on every fucking component on your bike. Oh, and those El Moco tires of yours, well done. Kenda makes good tires, but I'd stick my dick in a beehive before riding your piece of shit "55" logo'd jobbies again."

On independent bike dealers:

"fuck·tard (fuk’tard) n.

1. A foolish or stupid person.
2. A person of profound mental retardation, usually owning a bicycle shop and generally unable to learn about the product he/she wants to sell. In order to make money. No seriously, these people want to keep everything the same so that they don’t have to learn from year to year. Oh…did we mention "massive sense of entitlement?"

Pretty much the best site ever.

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VERG said...

I just searched greg herbold cuts the course and your site came up first. Team robot kills it like robots kill old people in the future to steal their medicine.