Saturday, August 29, 2009

Other things that are cool: Team Robot

Just when you thought we were all dead, prepare to think again!

Stickers ARE IN!

If these look sweet to you, email us at Actually, we never check that email, so email me at my actual email address:

Stickers will cost money, so send in like $5.00 and we'll send you enough stickers to look almost as awesome as Team Robot. The stickers are thanks to our buddy Eric Johnson and his design firm/badass art studio Hankbuilt. Thanks Eric.

But seriously, we got We had to add "killsyourface" to the end of our URL, and still nobody had Bitches.

In other news I bought all my polishing stuff. My bike is going to look dope. And yes, the mini-powerball is already annihilated from the grit in my aluminum frame. I'll be washing my bike and polishing wheel a lot.

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