Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My weekend in a nutshell

I went up to Spokane this weekend with our local Giant rep, Paul Lacava for the beacon Hill Double Down Hoe Down race. Ben Tobin aka Caveman hosted us at his pumptrackaliscious house, and snapped a few pictures as can be seen below. I'd never been to Beacon Hill before. It was also my first race in my new, custom Splat Designs TLD helmet. Moreover, my new Evil was amazing on course. Really good bike. It was a pretty sweet weekend, but I'll let the pictures do the talking:

The Good (check out the sweet helmet):

The Bad (yeah, that's actually a 15 foot drop. I was stoked to ride out out of that one):

And the Ugly
(yeah, I fell forever down that hill. I was stoked to walk out of that one):

The last photo in that sequence was also the last photo ever taken of my totally sweet helemt in one piece. The visor, unfortunately, has bitten the dust. But we at Team Robot will be doing a visor fix-em-up how-to special very soon, so expect to see that visor alive and kicking at a race near you.


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