Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chaz mid-season update

It's been a rad season for racing so far. Lots of riding, driving, fast food, sleeping in cars, rain and dust. I've gotten to stand on two podiums, so that was pretty cool. Over the season, I've learned two very important lessons:

A) to wear your team kit onto the podium, or else look like a dork when everyone else looks official, and

B) when you do wear your riding gear onto the podium, whether or not you tuck your jersey in while riding, pull it back out for the podium, lest you have an old man crotch bulge

But, while I may have had difficulty dialing in my podium setup, my interview skills are still on lockdown. I'll be holding a few basic, intermediate, and advanced "post-race interview" skills clinics this winter, so drop me a line if you're planning to be on camera any time soon.

Bike check coming soon, but first I just want to say thanks to all my sponsors. Without them, racing would have sucked really bad.

Thanks Evil Bikes

Thanks Fox Suspension

Thanks Splat-Designs

Thanks Deity

Thanks Kool-Stop Brake Pads

Thanks Hankbuilt:

Thanks Gravity:

It's been a great season so far, and it couldn't have happened without you guys. I'm looking forward to kicking some more ass.


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