Sunday, April 24, 2011

More hate for your Monday

The good: This photo is really cool, has very impressive riding, and is generally well done.

The hate: Is this really a scrub? If you read the comments on pinkbike, it obviously is, because it meets three criteria:

1. He is wearing a racer kit. Racers scrub everything in pinkbike world.
2. His bike is not perfectly vertical going off the lip. Plus 5 horsepower, and instant scrub status.
3. He's staying low. Anytime you stay low on a jump, it's obviously a scrub.

Sure he's leaned over, and is compressing to stay low on this jump, but is his rear tire drifting sideways off the lip? His bike isn't turned sideways off the lip, so why would his tire slide. By the way, being de-weighted and having your itre slide half an inch on the last 5 inches of lip doesn't count.

But, 90% of the comments for this photo still included the word "scrub." My personal favorite:

"I've never even seen a woman in the kitchen scrubbing that hard."

Odd choice of words, though. When I make fun of the opposite sex, I assume the woman is already in the kitchen. No need to spell that one out.

Let's do a quick review of what pictures that pinkbike users self-titled "scrubs:"

This is called "squashing." When you stay low off a jump, you have squashed it. And no, doing a mild turnbar does not upgrade a squash to a scrub. Good try, though.

That's just leaning while you go off a lip. He's turning to go to the right, so it's not really anything. If this is a scrub, then I have scrubbed every hip I've even ridden.

That's just a whip. C'mon people.

This guys not even trying. He's literally not doing anything.

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