Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jon Wilson

If you know Wilson, no explanation required. Found this picture on Casey Coffman's facebook. Yeah, okay, maybe facebook is alright.

Picture of Wilson.
Editor's note: this photo is a pan, he's not actually going that fast. He's really old.

In other news:

I'm going to be representing Lewis and Clark College at the Collegiate National Champs in Angel Fire, New Mexico next weekend. So, that's pretty sick. My buddy Chris from school will be coming along to "document" (that's a fancy industry word for take photos) the trip.

Here's a photo of Chris getting sick with it in Greece last year.

Chris and I will be picking up team member #3, the Baaron Nachtrab, in Ogden, Utah. We'll also be picking up his noble steed.

I'll be racing dual slalom on a Tonic Fab Howie RT. Should be sweet. Nice low BB, a long Chaz-sized toptube, and a slightly longer rear end should rip the slalom track apart.

Dual slalom and downhill? Game on. Here's the head cam for the course, same one used at the Red Bull Final Descent race they just held. And yeah, there will be snow on the ground next weekend. Only the strong will survive.

Here's my basic game plan for the downhill and dual slalom:

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