Friday, April 13, 2012

Life isn't hard enough for some people, so they do... this

This is sort of in the same category as "the worst person in the world." Click play and prepare to be frustrated, confused, horrified, and deeply disturbed:

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If you thought talking to your vegan friends about eating hamburgers was a pain in the rear ass, imagine the condescension and disapproving glances you'll be subjected to while sharing a meal with the self proclaimed "healthiest man in the world."

I say "self proclaimed" because in his 2-year attempt to try every fitness tip in the world, he didn't bother trying the craaaazy fitness fad called "not being fat, out of shape, and lethargic for your entire life prior to your 2-year infatuation with fitness fads." I've heard that fad actually works really well.

Fortunately for the robots, we didn't have to listen to the video to know he was on the kill list. The DO NOT KILL LIST is very short, and "the healthiest man in the world" is not on it.


Sneeky Pete ^ said...

Yo Chazzy Chazz, Am I on the KILL LIST dawg???? ;)

Anonymous said...

If you have to ask, then yes you are.

Anonymous said...