Sunday, March 17, 2013

Okay assholes

Thus begins the TEAM ROBOT t-shirt design contest. If you have a t-shirt idea, post in the comments, and we might make it a reality. Probably not, though.

Send in your best design/graphic/drawing/scratching/finger painting and you could win!

Winner gets a five pack of our choice and one of our old wolf/laser-eyes t-shirts, in size medium.


Sneeky.Pete ,CLC said...

Here's my initial design concept for an offical, sellable, TeamRobot T-Shirt. I have a lot of time at work to screw around so expect some more.

Your welcome ;)

Tyler Hansen said...

note the creation date. during the robot apocalypse, this human will know your moves 39 days before you make them... you have been warned

Hairy said...

Hey Team Robot, have a tshirt.

ben k said...

attention robot,

behold the BEAR SHARK!