Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kitt Turbo Boost Tribute

It took me an hour to find this again, because Lars Ullrich sucks and doesn't want you to enjoy his music unless you pay Steve Jobs first. I think I-Tunes money goes directly into Steve's bank account, but that's just a guess. Anyway, almost all the copies have been taken down.

I found this one at "" which I can only assume is the youtube site for Austria, or Australia, or some other place that sucks and hates freedom. Enjoy:

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Punch/Counterpunch said...

While I agree about the awesomeness of Turbo Boost and the obvious fact that Lars sucks, the video above is pretty cool itself. There's this huge ass German football star and they mess up his house, painting it in various shades to get on his nerves. I was very surprised to find such a video on Team Robot. Now back to Turbo Boost!

Cheers from am undercover Decepticon in Transylvania!