Monday, August 12, 2013

Shirty euro dance party

We have a condo right on the edge of the venue playing shitty euro techno at full volume until 3 am. Quebec is as close to Europe as you can get on the continent, and it's a good reminder how much Europe sucks.

Mont Sainte Anne locs hanging around in a circle outside the hotel. Party.

The real Mont Sainte Anne, trackside during the race:


The saddest looking ham and cheese crepe ever seen. Life is hard, and traveling the world is distilled suffering:

As if we needed more proof that Canada sucks. 


Unknown said...

Canada sucks? That's fine, get the fuck out and don't bother coming back.

Ben Furbee said...

Just want to say your complaining should have stopped after, "our condo".

Anonymous said...

You can't get a good crepe in Quebec? You are definitely doing it wrong, very wrong.