Thursday, September 5, 2013


So a bunch of butthurt Germans from discovered my post from a few weeks ago about that awful looking Rose downhill bike:

And apparently making fun of their German bike brands, culture, and affinity for Hasselhoff/Schley hurt their feelings. But don't listen to me, enjoy their thoughts, comments, and musings:

"Guy(s) behind this blog seem to be assholes."

"At least in Germany there are still bike companies that actually design and produce their frame in Germany e.g. Nicolai."

"I also recommend you to travel the world first before hiding behind stereotypes such as "Germans like David Hasselhoff" (which nobody there does really...)." 

"Where did you ride the rose-bike?"

All I was thinking about when I was reading their butthurtedness:

Also, this:

TimZim with the final comment, summing up our thoughts perfectly:

"Favorite part of this entire post is where the Germans arrive and prove their humorless stereotype is true through this comment thread."


The weirdest thing about this whole international incident is that the blog post in question was two weeks old when the Germans found it, and no one in the U.S. had even commented on it. No one here cared. Like everything I write, I thought the "Unrideable" post was hilarious, and after posting it I sat back and waited for the inevitable flood of congratulatory praise to come rolling in. I kept checking on the comments section to seek what little affirmation I could find in life and, day after day, I saw nothing. Eventually I gave up on the post, concluding that no one would ever care. The whole post was forgotten. It was deemed unimportant, irrelevant even.

Only after my post was long considered dead did the Germans find it. And once the Germans found it, that's when it became a true star:

You can read this and other stories in the upcoming TEAM ROBOT children's book "Richie Schley's Career, and 101 Other Reasons to Never Give Up Hope."


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog post, you deserve a big hug for your effort! :)

Your Mother said...

Awesome blog post, you deserve a big hug for your effort! :)

Anonymous said...

Charlie, how come you don't talk about Kill Lists anymore?? Is it because your afraid you might make the FBI ' s Watch List of people who regularly make death threats ??? That might make it hard to get on a plane eh? My advice to you is: Keep threatening people. Cuz YOU have ALOT of Anger to Manage Bro

BTW your stupid blog host won't let my stupid smartphone make comments as anyone else but as Anonymous . Anyway I think you know which comments are coming from me ; )
- Snky Pete