Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Classic Portland


A reasonable thinker said...

These people suck.

Batman said...

I was thinking about moving to Portland to escape the crazy people and lack of trails in Ithaca, NY. Not so much anymore

One Ghost Industries said...

man, FUCK PORTLAND. I'll NEVER move back there to that dark, wet, cold abyss of mountain biking. they can all just eat a dick. it is shit like that that forced me to move our company to California where I have over 600 miles of legal, legit trails just one mile from my door and inside LA county only 30 miles from the center of downtown.

Anonymous said...

Lets go over the facts here:
Fact1. That could have been an article on the jumps you guys poached out nearby
Fact2. Poaching out trails in a inner city park is always a bad idea
Fact3. I know this somehow involves the guy who goes up to the zoo and"bombs" down those arboretum trails wearing a full face and complete body armor kit, riding that Norco!!