Thursday, May 29, 2014

Positive Feedback

Everyone in the comments section on Pinkbike really liked Curtis Keene's new Red Bull video.

"Keene's a great rider and I think we'd all be stoked if this was five or ten minutes of him shredding various places. But this video series would be over the top melodrama even coming from Clementz or Graves. It's like that video of Gwin saying he was the best in the world, but worse because Gwin actually had the results up to that point. Guess this is what happens when Specialized and Red Bull get ahold of you..."

"This whole series of his is a big disaster. Too much talk, not enough action."

"The others were manageable but I couldn't watch the full 8 minutes. Some really good recaps but some utter bollocks in there too. Still have no idea who this series is aimed at!"

"I guess if you're ever having a hard time sleeping just play this video."

"Keene: Don't you know you never go full retard."

"What a load of verbal diarrhea. Such a shame since Red Bull have the funds to put together an informative recap video of the actual events themselves, instead we get a load of contradictory bullshit about the "nature of racing" and irrelevant training and filler footage."

"There's a good reason people tend to watch races rather than "behind the race" footage, and watch athletes rather than listen to them..."

"8 minutes of my life I won't get back."

"It's fun watching someone ride a 29r hard-tail up a hill 5 times. He truly embodies the spirit of enduro"

"Cut the crap and show some more riding please!"

For me days like this are what I call "high self-esteem days," where I have to cling to some positive memory or experience, or I would just kill myself.

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Anonymous said...

My riding life took a turn for the better during that video. I was so bored i realized I hadnt yet figured out who would drive me to whistler the next morning. Glad I got that taken care of and before then end of the yapping too.