Friday, October 29, 2010

Death machine/Unicron/trails

The Pentagon is currently sowing the seeds for the first Terminator movie. If you are warm-blooded, mortal, or have an aversion to flying bullets and metaldeath, this could be bad news for you:

Seriously, this is just step one. Here's the full article. Sure, it's touch screen controlled now, but full automation and human killing instincts are just around the corner. Hopefully.

On a lighter note, this next movie is the best thing you will ever see. It makes me want to travel back in time more than anything ever. It's 17 seconds of perfection. It is basically "happy" and "stoked" in a can.

And, for those who care, our trails are getting a major facelift. Everything is getting, how you say, big?

The bad news for everyone is that there will probably only be one line running this year, because we are putting a lot of work into the main line and none into the other ones.

The good news is that the main line is going to be amazing. No brake checks, no excess speed, lots of boost, and some very tall, very long gaps. Every lip and landing is going to be about twice as big. There will be six really, really, really cool jumps, and two really, really, really fun berms.

Tex, I hope you approve:

I hope you're all ready for some hangtime this summer. And yes, that lip will be getting steeper. A lot steeper.

Also, I have a Darth Vader t-shirt, which is cooler than whatever you're wearing right now.

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Tex Diesel said...

Tex definitely approves! Can't wait to get some riding in with you guys this year. Do you guys still remember how to get to Eugene? Haha! Need to get you guys down here too!!