Monday, October 4, 2010

Sprung 4/hucking

Aside from the fact that those guys were absolutely pinning it on horrible bikes, Nigel page is rad, and the Houseman brothers look way chill, can we all agree that Alex Rankin pretty much wins at making videos?

Clay Porter, "the collective," Anthill films, Bjorn Enga, let's review:

-one, maybe two slow mo shots
-No screaming music/no bro music
-minimum sunrise/sunset/panning clouds shots
-interviews=10 seconds or less
-nothing soulful, chill, or brotastic to be found; just fast bike riding, shit talking, and loud, drunk people

Technically perfect, and that was ten years ago. What's so hard to figure out?

Hucking, freeriding, slopestyle, whatever you want to call it, pretty much the lamest thing ever, 90% of the time.

This, however, is not lame:

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