Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Race news

If you don't suck at life, you already know that there's a NW Cup race at Port Angeles this weekend.

Here's a helmet cam of the Pro/expert course with some fancy, new bits:

Here's a pretty cool website for nerdy racers. Roots and Rain shows you how you are improving (or sucking) as a racer, how you compare over the last two seasons, and shows you who your arch-nemeses are. Pretty nerdy, but for all the Eric Loney's out there it's a pretty useful site to geek out on:


Somebody beat me to my ultimate race vehicle:

In quasi-racing news from a quasi racing event, Allride and Trigger Vision are still making killer videos, and this crankworx edit is no exception. Tussle pretty much teaches a style clinic at the Whistler DJ's:

Specialized AllRide Crankworx 2011 on pinkbike.com

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