Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Team Robot and Transition Bikes Trail Jam

Reasons you should show up and not be a loser:

1) People who don't suck will receive sweet prizes, high fives, and maybe beer, all provided by Transition Bike Co.

2) Awards for "Rad Best Trick," "Totally Dialed Best Style," and "Lets Get Totally High Boost." Maybe for best skid, too.

3) Really big jumps and berms that are awesome and made of dirt

4) Beer from the fine Craftsman at Pabst, Olympia, and Raineer. Bottles, cans, and 5 gallon buckets

Riders: recommended $10 donation to the trails.

Altenative to donating $10: Robot Armageddon

Training for this super important contest should include bar humps, boner airs, dog pissers, one handers, ET's, and rad skids.

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