Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventures on Pinkbike

These Oakley Crowbars are currently listed for sale on Pinkbike on the Team Robot account. The following is an brief item description and two real questions from a pinkbike user named dhnewboy:

Oakley Crowbar, Matte Black/Grey fade/clear

Used a few times, in like new condition. Brand new lens, an $8 value. Comes with goggle bag and a five pack of tearoffs.

DHNEWBOY: "very nice, i like. what are tearoffs for?"

TEAM-ROBOT: "It's an eye drop that prevents tears. Even with goggles on a lot of people experience tearing of the eyes at higher speed, so tearoffs help with that."

DHNEWBOY: "very interesting. and are they clear lenses?"

TEAM-ROBOT: (speechless)

In other goggle related news, those oakleys aren't really for sale anymore, the lens isn't new, and I pulled all five tearoffs. Last weekend I used the last of those five doing my first ever midair tearoff. To you, that's just a one-hander where you swing for your face. To me it was a big deal. Brad even made me walk back and pick it up when I finished my run. A right of passage, if you will.

If you're sitting there wondering who Brad is, there's only three things you need to know:

1. Brad is faster than you

2. You suck

3. Chuck Norris is alive because Brad allows him to go on living.

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