Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clay Porter? Is that you?

Man, I didn't even recognize this old video of yours, Clay! You filmed so different back then. After all, where are the heli cams and dollies and time lapses and zip lines and super zooms and interviews and interviews and interviews and narrating? Okay, to be fair I did have a hunch it was you when I heard the uncomfortable screechy chick wannabe neo-punk music:

Video Vault: Mount Snow, Vermont 2004 from Synopsis - More Mountain Bike Videos

I was sure someone else must have filmed this, because it's just 3 minutes of straight racing, on American soil, uninterrupted by dramatic cuts or slow mo. Hey, to be fair I guess I looked pretty different eight years ago, too:

It's a bummer to think I was still doing curb-height barspins while Kircaldie was at his peak winning practices at Norbas and World Cups.


Anonymous said...


You bat 1000 in my book

:'( said...

long live synopsis and hypnosis. you can see his transformation begin in between the tape. RIP american racing clay.