Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things you can't do

There are people who can do all of the things listed below. Statistically speaking, you're probably not one of them.

Things you can't do #1: Scrub.

Above: Ian Morrison, one of four or five riders who can actually scrub, going down with the ship at Whistler

Below: a Venn Diagram reiterating that you are probably not one of those four or five riders

Things you can't do #2: Nose manual.

Above: an actual nose manual

Below: your nose manual

Things you can't do #3: Build "the sickest jumps ever." You probably you can't ride them, either.

Above: The sickest jumps ever

Below: "The sickest jumps ever"

Your team

Things you can't do #4: Break those cuffs.


Sneeky P said...

Chazz- you need to hit Rampage this year. And I don't mean playing Hacky Sack in the parking lot (like you usually do).......I mean doing tuck no-handers off the BIG drops bro. Only then you can claim: "I can't do" such and such

Anonymous said...

You can't even do tables. Or scrubs. Or nose manuals for that matter. Stop sucking robot.