Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sucks so bad. Jon from Diamondback sent me this, expecting I would have something hilarious to say on Team Robot. I've got nothing; It's reached a level of badness that renders even my most powerful weapons useless.

See how far you can make it through. Here's the leader's board right now:

Kyle Thomas: 30 seconds
Charlie Sponsel: 1 minute 20 seconds
Billy Lewis: 1:38
My dad: 2:35

Due to the upchuck reflex, make sure you have a trash can or fairly expendable hat nearby before you hit play.

To get that bad taste out of your mouth, I'll leave you with something that doesn't suck:

No, that sucks, too.


Alex said...

29 seconds

Henry said...

1:03 when I think the Friday, Friday girl showed up. That would be something Kennedy would find...

JW said...

That hurt. I made it to 30 then skipped to 3, then gave up.

Anonymous said...

that was like suffering from a bad case of rectomyopia - all I saw was shit.

And how fitting - the captcha I had to provide in order to even post this comment was "FARTedi"

Lacy Kemp said...

2:00 of my life I'll never get back. And now I'm just angry with a sore hand from punching my screen.