Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Golf Ball Soup

Here's another enlightening website to check out:

This site covers, surprisingly, the worst things for sale. This includes a children's book called "the color of poop," a $50,000 "Relaxman Relaxation Capsule,"  and a toothpaste extracting device to get every little last bit of toothpaste out. For $19 plus shipping, you should start saving on toothpaste in just 13,000 uses. I particularly enjoy this post from page 3, complete with this lovely GIF:

"Apparently, flushing 20 golf balls is the crowning achievement of the American Standard 2889.216.020 toilet. It can also flush five large hotdogs simultaneously, but the golf balls are more impressive to me. Any crapper can handle a few lil’ tubes of meat, but if I shit 20 golf balls one day I’ll know where to do it. And I’ll ask around to see what I was doing the night before."

This lovely find comes courtesy of Lacy Kemp from Contour. If I wasn't supposed to give her name or professional affiliation, then forget I said that. Thanks, Lacy.

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