Saturday, December 22, 2012

Totally biased

I'm so tired of Utah freeride shots. I hate them. Whenever I see them I want to burn the magazine, chuck my computer out the window, or stab pencils into my eyes.

Then today when I saw this one I thought "wow, that's kind of cool, I wish I could go out there and get a shot like that. That's legitimately sick."

It was at that moment that I realized that I'm totally unobjective. I don't hate Utah, I just hate freeriders. If a racer does something I'm cool with it. If someone riding a Totem in a Dakine jersey with 5.10's and ankle socks does it, we have a problem.

Freeriders, that's it: you're all on the KILL LIST.


S-P said...

I suggest you put at the bottom of your race calender the following dates too:

*** Oct-5th: Drive down to Rampage in UTAH - Throw tuck no-hander off ICON SENDER. Possibly win RBR.

*** Oct-6th: Do interview with ESPN, Decline Mag,MTB Action -(Topic = How did I get to be so badass ).

*** Oct-28th: Go to InterBike - neg. sponsorship contracts with 10 different companies. Possibly slash B.Lopes's tires in parking lot.

*** Nov-6th: Drive away in ferrari with 2 stripper chicks. Text message PIC of my behind to everyone with caption:_Kiss-IT

Father Graham said...

Good call, Robot. But do fear, the singularity is near.

I like this blog said...

Just because you're wearing pyjamas, doesn't make you a racer. Pretty there's a few etts in there.

Anonymous said...

Look at how tight those Moto pants are around the ankles, sexy. Great second line.