Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shivers and other old stuff

I think I'm supposed to look at this photo and notice the girl, but all I can think about is how sick Shivers were:

Shivers are the fork that robots would design. Simple, elegant, and designed to survive armageddon.

Speaking of other cool stuff that's old, check out this video of Simon Garstin annihilating:

Simon Garstin riding the Knolly Chilcotin on Pinkbike

I think Simon's only 22 years old, which is a little old to be washed up, but he used to be so bigtime and I haven't seen much of him lately. He obviously still destroys.


Tina said...

That's no girl it's Mason Mashon.

bobby said...

holy shit that was sick. i'm a fag.

prolapse said...

simon must still be bigtime if he is on team robot

Anonymous said...

Mason Mashon sure looks like he has some girly arms.

Anonymous said...

For your entertainment:

kole said...

wow, total badass!