Thursday, June 27, 2013

An update

1. Remi Thirion is still the new Blenkinsop.

2. Brook MacDonald is still not the new Kovarik.

3. The new 15-second Bocephus Sensus ad on Vital is what we need more of in mountain biking. The Sensus guys are still a bunch of cool-kid Socal bro bras, but that doesn't stop them from spreading the Slayer and helping to make sure mountain biking isn't completely run by touchy feely artsy people who go slow and suck. Because hey, if you're going to copy Slayer's logo, you've pretty much contractually agreed to use Slayer in all your team edits. And their grips don't suck:

Sensus Team Edit 2013 from Sensus on Vimeo.

That is all.

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