Friday, June 14, 2013

special purpose.


Anonymous said...

Dear Teamrobot,

I've been up at night alot lately wondering why you guys haven't put out a good web edit in a several years (either)? And I'm not gonna bicker about too much slow-mo, or weird camera angles, Clay Porter, etc.............just the riding.

People in the biz wanna see something* that makes themselves say, Chazz doesn't just ride a bike down a hill, he rides a bike AWESOME.
Unfortunately- the only thing I've been wondering lately is: I'm pretty sure my grandma do that.

Lets take Mitch for example, we all know Mitch Ropelato is good, but after watching the video below, I know Mitch is a certified MTBiking RockStar.,13197/justin-olsen,1215

So call Cory Tepper and say, I want Do Something Awesome

Sneeky Pete

Adam Deep Dick said...

I love the mushroom tip revision! Don't listen to this Pete fool, Team Robot does not need video proof of their awesomeness!

TrivialMTB said...

It's been 2 weeks since an update. Did the robots rust in place somewhere?