Monday, July 22, 2013

I normally hate myself, but...

I'm pretty proud of the team effort we put in at last weekend's Port Angeles National Dirt Cascadia World Enduro Pro Cup NW (or PANDCWEPCNW for short).

Sort of a "how-to Enduro" tutorial in these four pictures here:

Big shout out to the Senior Vice President of Design at Transition Bikes, Darrin Seeds, for really dialing in my FRO graphics for stage 3 of the Produro, and to Lars Sternberg for dialing in some other graphics. Drifting through the vast sea of abysmal, soul-crushing failures that is my riding career, it's nice to land on a small island of "nailed it" every once in a while.

Also, everyone that I've talked to is still blown away and maybe a little confused that these Cascadia Dirt Cup races can be run so well in their first season, and that the Oregon Enduro Series can be run so badly in it's fifth (?) season. Sure, we haven't had a DJ or a boring recap video at Cold Creek or Port Angeles, but we have had sweet courses, a safe shuttle, stage results for all individual stages, and awards were over by five both times.

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But you should still hate yourself... said...

The best part is that everyone except lars got beat by some schmuck with a bunch of sharpie written all over him. Enduro needs charlie.