Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pedal test

A long time ago the Internet decided that thinner pedals are better. It was quickly agreed upon as almost indisputable fact that good pedals were as thin as possible. Normally I trust everything I read on the Internet, but I'm gonna go with my instinct on this one and do some original research.

I've been waiting a while for the right pedals and the right pins, and the time has come. As usual I've got my own stupid theory as to why thicker pedals might be better, but for now I can just test and compare. Someday soon I'll explain my hypothesis with graphs and charts and stuff, but for now I will shut up and ride my bike. The Burgtec Penthouse II's and the Point One Podiums are ideal for this test, because they have almost identical dimensions in every respect except thickness, they are drastically different thicknesses, and they are both well-respected products with lots of race wins under their belts. We call that "Ceteris Paribus" in school. 

22mm thick Burgtec's vs. 11mm thick Point Ones. The battle begins.

Pins are tall. 7mm tall. Also, while I am open-minded to which pedal will actually perform better, I think the debate is pretty much settled on which of the two designs will survive Judgment Day by the Terminators and(or) multiple seasons of riding.

Big shout out to Matt Thompson and Todd Olson for making this test possible. I've already sampled the tall Burgtec downhill pins on my calves, and I can certify that they are taller and sharper than the standard pins. I rewatched that Brook MacDonald/Val di Sol foot out drift video, and now I understand why Brook is so determined to keep his leg away from his Burgtec's while drifting.


Acadian said...

judging by the pixel colorways and refresh rates emitted by my monitor, I can tell you which ones win.

Regardless of thickness, a concave pedals > a flat pedals.


Anonymous said...

Multiple season of riding? Why don't you just go out front and do a couple of those wonky 180's you used to try on your tonicfab ? That would simulate two years of abuse in one hour bro.

Roostinurface said...

Really Charles???? Dont make me laugh. Word on the street burgtec might be coming out with some thiner pedals.