Thursday, November 7, 2013

Positive feedback

Everyone really liked my RAMPAGE!!! article.


Sarcasm said...

Hooray for Charlie, you've finally done something right in life! 8=D~~

Anonymous said...

Safety first!

Are you going to start riding with a mouth guard?

Essentially, your argument is that "I am a pussy. However, I don't like looking like a pussy, so let's make rules to make the most badass contest in our sport less badass/more pussy, so that I don't look like such a limp dick"

OH, BTW, buy a diamondback, and you can be almost as kinda not pussy as I am.

Cross Crusader said...

Yours was better than the pinkbike article, had way more detail about why it's risky.

Statistically, cyclocross is very dangerous too, we've got to take it upon ourselves to figure out a way to make it safer for our Portland peeps.

Anonymous said...

Nigggga Whhaaaat ?!?!