Monday, March 23, 2015


Wish I was in NZ with a downhill bike right now:

Looks so good. Off camber at 1:26 looks horrendous. Nine years since World Champs and still looking good.


Anonymous said...

so much earthed in this one, I'm in love

lumberjackzach said...

Reporting live from Rotorua: hiked the track today (I'm taking pictures with a light box, not racing), and it is a gnarly track. Here's another reminder of the wild ride that is that track:,28183/iceman2058,94

PRKT said...

That track looks amazing. Dear all US race organizers, this is what the people want.


Anonymous said...

Hoping for rain, so we can get a new updated version of the earthed 4 section. If only Rennie was there to huck that lake jump to flat again.

joy said...

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