Monday, June 6, 2011

Trails news

So I'm in Germany. Big news... I guess I'll put up some pictures later or something maybe.

In more important news, the trails are going to run this year. Andrew and I worked on them all year, but right when the dirt-shaping weather came around, I took of on my 6-week riding trip.

But it was all good, Andrew and Paul Lacava were going to shape the trails in. The night before I was going to leave, Andrew and I went and rode Gabriel Skatepark, and Andrew broke his elbow. Things did not look good for the trails.

Andrew's been on an aggressive rehab program (as pictured above), but he was still out of commission for digging. So with me gone and Andrew out, the responsibilty for shaping the trails fell squarely on Paul's shoulders. No shaping=no riding. Once the wet months are gone, the dirt at our trails turn to concrete if it's packed, and dust if it's not.

Paul nailed it.

8 hours with a flathead in one day beats any personal record of mine. In just a couple weeks the trails got a serious facelift. And then, yesterday...

Paul broke his Clavicle. I don't know where he broke it, but here are some helpful hints that lead to my educated guess:

1. Paul finally got a downhill bike
2. It was a Sunday when he got hurt
3. The last time Paul mentioned riding to me, he was bragging about how good Raven is right now.
4. Paul broke his right clavicle by "clocking a tree at full speed."
5. Paul didn't mention where he broke his clavicle, so it's probably a little on the DL.

I would be willing to bet $5 that Paul broke his collarbone at Raven on the left hander into the superfast part of the alders, when you turn down onto the fall line of the hill. I have nailed that tree before, and until it gets you you don't even notice it. That section is absolutley pinned, so that tree would do the trick.

Whatever happened, We're all bummed to hear that Paul is out for a bit. It's never good when friends get hurt, but at the beginning of summer? Not awesome. The good news is that, judging by his picture, Paul is apparently an ambi-drinker, able to use left or right or left hands.

TeamRobot sends healing vibes out to Paul, Andrew, Bryn and Lars. Just remember guys, we want you all healthy when we begin the robot extermination program. We at TeamRObot HQ want to exterminate all humans on fair terms.

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