Friday, June 10, 2011

World Cup

In other news, I just had the best day of downhilling in my life. The hill is constantly steep, wide, and fast as hell with a bunch of lines and lots of holes. Basically amazing. It's definitely the best track I've ever ridden and it's right up my alley. I'm having a lot of fun, and getting to ride with some pretty fast guys. My bike feels better than it ever has. It does very well on the steep. It is so good here.

Currently I'm pitting with a bunch of Frenchies that are staying in our hotel, along with the French Junior National team. This obviously flies in the face of everything I've ever believed and stood for. Maybe this means that we as humans can put aside our petty differences. Walk away from the things that divide us, and tear us apart. Maybe we can stop hurting each other, and the lion really´can lay next to the lamb. Alternatively, it might just mean that I will sacrifice my ideals and principles as soon as I reach a tough spot. Probably the latter is more likely.

I'm really excited for quali's tomorrow. Jill sounds like she's really liking the track, and I think shes going to kill it. There's a lot of jumping and pedalling, so I think that will be good for her. I'm in a really good place. The track is so good.

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