Friday, November 4, 2011


Team GT at Highland - More Mountain Bike Videos

Every time I hear a Motorhead song in a riding video, I get worried. At first I think,

"Shit, that's the Motorhead song I wanted to use in one of my videos (Editor's note: me planning to make videos is a lot like your plan to "learn an instrument" or "finally get around to reading "War and Peace")"

But then I realized,

"Hey, all Motorhead songs sound exactly the same, so I've still got like 50 more songs to choose from. Golden."

In other news, this scrub photo from Justin Barcia is pretty sweet.

And this pinkbike "scrub" is not very sweet. Unfortunately, "pinkbike scrub" doesn't really role off the tongue. Neither does "PB scrub." That's why I'm taking the opportunity to name this emerging new trick:

The "Nottascrub"

Here, I'll use it in a dialogue:

Canadian number 1: "Hey dudebro, I've been working on my nottascrubs up on the new crabapple hits!"

Canadian number 2: "Did you work on getting really stiff coming up to the lip and maybe vaguely moving your upper body around, all while keeping your wheels dead straight as you approached the enormous jump in complete terror of the thought of actually moving around on your bike in middair?"

Canadian number 1: "Yeah, I think I nailed it, dude! Giro Remedies and stuff."

Canadian number 2:"That's super chill, dude brohemian! Anodized flat handlebars and doing front flips on downhill bikes and stuff."

Canadian number 1: "Word. Lets go put pictures of our day up on facebook, cause we're so over pinkbike now."

Canadian number 2: "Rocky Mountain"

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TyoToutTerrain said...

nottascrubs are the new barturn