Monday, November 7, 2011


only a few people are on the DO NOT KILL list it's short and i can almost garauntee that you are not on it.......... drink that in. the robots are coming and they are going to kill you. wow thats heavy thats shitty thats shocking well not for us we know you are all going to die horrible mechanical deaths at the cold metal talons of your synthetic heartless soul sucking overlords, sucks for you But for a select elite few the motherf*ing marines of robot survival the chosen ones the future is bright and shiny not like yours at all.
as a little tease a spit in your face we will show you some of the members of the DO NOT KILL list, todays example the JUNGLE. Guy Marsh and Cory Tepper proud very thankful members of the DO NOT KILL list give you this little gem enjoy

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1 comment:

Sneeky Pete said...

Dear Team Robot,

I was just you guys sometimes sniff glue before you make posts?
(your logic just seems distorted and quite often demented :)

your internet pal, Sneeky P