Sunday, November 25, 2012

Amazing and Amazing-er

Morgan Wade is still certifiably nuts:

But as amazing as that Morgan Wade blind huch-a-chuck around some random, slippery full pipe 500 miles away from medical attention was, this is amazing-er:

To the "mystery" terrorist, we salute you. As full time other-people's-fun-ruiners, we at TEAM ROBOT are just pissed we didn't think of this first. Film comes from Paris Gore, who promises that there will be more soon: "That's just a little bit of what's coming."

From the CEO of Strava:

- November 12, 2012
Mr. ********,
Thanks for the heads up. We have now flagged your Strava Profile: for inappropriate use and specifically for violation of our terms of service.
Strive on,

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