Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Team Brobot

Yo dog, check this new Hopkins vid it's TIGHT!!! Yo, man, check it, whenever I watch these vids I'm all "when we movin to Canada, dog?" They're so chill up there, it's just straight boostin senders and gettin steezy, and that loam is OFF THE HOOK!! We gotta get some seshes goin on up there this summer man, like we gotta do a B.C. roadtrip, no joke. We're gonna make it happen this year, know what I'm sayin? It'd be so epic to shred with the bros up in Rossland. More like BOSSland, am I right? Snap, Imma lose my mind when we get to sample some of that brown POW!


From staff contributor Team Brobot

Mike Hopkins' Loam Factory: Behind the Scenes on Pinkbike


Secco said...

The best part here is that I put a link to Team Robot in that article (under the 'Sources' section near the bottom). Keep up the great work.

tyo said...

the best part is that is probably the point.

TEAM.ROBOT said...

Scott that's hilarious. I had no idea that link was there. I just saw all the comments and it was just too much. Pinkbike comments are always awful, but the level of bro-iness was off the charts.

Thanks for the shout out and glad you're enjoying Team Robot.