Thursday, November 8, 2012

No one likes you

Berms Berms Berms! on Pinkbike

I watched half this video at school, scrolled down and read a crappy comment, and I was actually going to post the video to defend these guys, but... then I sat down at home and watched the rest of it up until 1:49. I turned that shit off and walked away.

I was really enjoying their little video (on mute of course, that music is God awful), remembering when I was a scrappy teenager and had a clapped out bike, and we went out into the woods with a Sony handy cam we borrowed from my friend's mom to make crappy videos, and all that nostalgic shit, but then at 1:49 I saw a tag-team skid-turn train and I dropped that shit like it was hot.

A public service announcement: if you freeride flick, I will turn your video off. That goes for you, too, Semenuk and Agassiz, you're not above this. In fact, there's a pretty good chance you two SUPER PRO Canuckistanians are the reason little kids are learning this awful behavior at all.

And make no mistake: free ride flicks are a gateway drug to other horrible behaviors, like being Canadian, talking about brown pow and soul, or using clique Instagram-esque filters on your videos.

When you do skid turns you probably think you look like this:

You don't look like that.


Alex Dove said...

Oh man! A 7.5 second trailer would be a total spoiler to all the rest of the bermy montage. I thought I had hit a repeat button at one point... Also, ringtones don't make good soundtracks to mountain bike videos.

Batman said...

Did you see the new silvia video with agassiz, or however you spell his name? I bet you would love it...