Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If I wasn't getting stuff for free

Frankly I don't know how the guy who bought your old 26" is even going to ride it. Those 26" wheels were death traps, how did we ride them for so long? Anyone who bought a 26" [insert bike/frame/wheel/tire/fork] for half its value is going to be so bummed when it rides 1.4% less fast.

Oh just kidding, if you don't get stuff for free or discount, 27.5" is the best thing to ever happen because now you're rich. 


lumberjackzach said...

I'm pumped a new, marginally better standard came along and set a new trend, because I'm going to continue to run the old standard at the same level of fun and ridability, for half the cost.

schleybletop said...

But, but... you'll never win the uphill pump contest on a 26!!! http://www.leelikesbikes.com/uphill-pump-challenge.html#more-8695

acuchessi said...

yep, but they didnt see the cracks in the 2012 carbon ;) and now a new bike will have a tiny bit better resale value for maybe a year.