Sunday, February 15, 2015

According to the UCI

These three jerseys achieve "identical major sponsor placement, layout and overall look:"

But these three jerseys don't:

People on the Vital board think the UCI is nothing but a money-grubbing megalodon, and the constant search for MOAR REVENUE is the reason behind the Syndicate decision.

But according to our advanced ROBOT algorithms, the UCI's punitive decisions have no pattern whatsoever. They exist only to inconvenience teams and riders in a random and arbitrary way.


Anonymous said...

They screwed themselves by using the neon yellow; it actually woke somebody up at the UCI and caused them pay attention to something for a change.

captain derp said...

Pat McQuaid snuck in while everyone was drunk

Anonymous said...

Its the arrows on the jerseys obviously. Greg and joshes go up peatys go down. Very un team like.